Last Day with Large Mammal Team

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The last day with the large mammal team was one of the hardest.  We went to Panga, which is hilly, a stark contrast to the flatness of the areas we’ve recently been in.  The forest has been logged and is heavily hunted so we did not see many animal signs, it was very quiet except for birds.

It is tick infested, much like the previous area with the small mammal team.  The forest is a lot of sharp ups and downs.  The toughest area so far, one minute you are walking on level ground and the next it’s a straight drop into a ravine and then a straight climb up out of the ravine.

In the afternoon I headed back to Gamba for a break.  I am in the home stretch and after 3 weeks I will be back home.  I have had a great time on this trip but I am starting to fade a bit.  I will go all out on this last segment and I will be happy to be home in August.