Editing in Camp/Packing up


7.28.12 to 8.8.12 merging aperture libraries, starting metadata list, backing up files watching habituated monkeys at shell station harden gave a talk at the shell station about the project and i talked about the photo aspects of the project cannot … Continue reading

Last Day of shooting in study area


7.26.12     Nice bird shots, our forest walks were even more quiet than usual, an odd day.  Silence.  not as many insects as i expected, many more along road.  

Editing and Elephants in Panga


7.25.12   This morning I am continuing to edit through all the photos.  It was another freezing night, if tonight is the same I am going to need to pull out my tights to stay warm, the sleepings bags are … Continue reading



7.24.12   I am spending the day editing photos, afternoons and early night hoping for elephants near Panga.  The small mammal team left today so there were good byes all around, they had a ton of stuff and managed to … Continue reading

Camp out on the Beach


7.23.12 Yesterday, it was sunday so I took the day off with everyone…  Ahhhhh. I am camping out on the beach tonight with Chris and Steven of the small mammal team.  We are hoping to see some animals, such as the … Continue reading

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