Day Two, Duck Hunter 2012


7.16.12 Back to Panga and the lake.  We visited the scar in the earth, and the cliff behind the school at panga village. We headed straight for a geological formation the large mammal team had found awhile ago.  I meant … Continue reading

First Day of Team Photo


7.15.12 *Better late than never! I continued to write in my blog/journal for the rest of the trip but never found the time to load the text and photos* I’ve got my own team now, we are gonna canvas the … Continue reading

Last Day with Large Mammal Team


The last day with the large mammal team was one of the hardest.  We went to Panga, which is hilly, a stark contrast to the flatness of the areas we’ve recently been in.  The forest has been logged and is … Continue reading

Small Mammal Video


The small mammal team had a lot of captures today, most of them were the Mus’s (small mice) but we had a few of the larger praomyas.  The video went exceptionally well, it surprised me in fact.  Of all the … Continue reading

Coastal Paradise


I went to the coastal forest today with the large mammal team. Hadrien had told me it was a beautiful place, plus I need photos and video of them working in the forest and with the camera traps they are … Continue reading