Return to Gabon

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I will be working with the Smithsonian this summer documenting the work of scientists in Gamba, Gabon and the biodiversity of the area.  It is a long project and I will be gone 4 months, living in a tent most of the time.  I’m already salivating at the thought of all the canned sardines and manioc I will be eating.

It will be the first long term separation for Kristin and I and we are already missing each other.  At the same time we are excited by our projects, while I am away Kristin will be raising chickens (for the coop we built in our backyard) and she has an art project with the Virginia Arts of the Book Center.

There is internet in the lab in Gamba so I should be able to blog and upload photos at least once a week.

Gabon here I come!