Return of the teams

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The teams are back, with fish for me to photograph.  I’m building a back-log of fish, which is good since I can deal with them in Gamba, where it is easier to have a studio set-up.

We also had the logistics team come out to help us with the power situation.

The fish team brought back some electric catfish!  They were dead of course since they can zap you.  They’re interesting, they can hunt in packs and they will use their discharge of electricity all at once to wipe out a school of fish for food.  They reek as dead fish… and they are ugly and not photogenic, but then, they are dead.

Antoine and Jean Claude went fishing, and I ran after them since I was a little stir crazy due to the lack of power.  I was lucky! They happened to go fishing in a beautiful location.  It was a swamp in the savannah, but the trees that grow in the areas are extremely interesting looking.

And!  The fisherman caught a huge frog, its was inspiring to see Axel from the amphibian team run over full of gusto to capture the frog.  Who knew our bathing spot had so much life.