Finally the heat ends and we have a normal cloudy dry-season day. It was a slow day with the small mammal team, as they set up traps at a new spot.  But, thanks to Bernard,  and a funny buffalo, I … Continue reading



The hot days continue.  The small mammal team believes it has been working with 3 different species, a small mouse, larger mouse, and a shrew.  The shrews have quite an odor so we always know when one of those is … Continue reading

Stake Out


Today Marcus and I are going out as early as we can to where the animals seem to be.  There is a small patch of forest we can hide in all day and hope some large mammals walk by… The … Continue reading

Small Mammals


The small mammal team has arrived and the work is completely different then the others.  They are catch and release and its more of a study of the virus carried by the small mammals in the area.  I will take … Continue reading

Where no man has gone before (not quite)


We found the large mammals! Hadrien found them about a week ago but I wasn’t with them, and today was the transect in the same area.  There is a river that is in between the “road” and the ocean. The … Continue reading