A Lesson in Pride


7.21.12   We had quite an event while boarding the ferry on the way home today.  Two cars were at the houses, not at the ferry and we passed them and boarded the ferry.  One of the drivers for the … Continue reading

Wasmannia II


7.20.12   I woke up feeling recharged this morning, I think it is my second wind.  My brain began working through being finished with the “check list” last week.  I am beginning to understand how I work.  While working, I … Continue reading

Along the Moambe


7.19.12   We drove to the the Moambe today, an area I haven’t visited much.  We found a nice hippo trail, and a net that showed how people fish when the area floods.  The sun was in full force today … Continue reading

Villages along the route, aka don’t take my photo


7.18.12 We went from Moloundo to Mayumba today, oddly enough the end of our trip ended at a safari plane that had been left near an airstrip for 9 to 20 years.  It was a nice trip, Ghislain is a … Continue reading



7.17.12 Nice bird shots today, otherwise a quiet day. When we stopped to walk around we often found old hunting camps or shot gun shells, etc.