Where no man has gone before (not quite)

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We found the large mammals! Hadrien found them about a week ago but I wasn’t with them, and today was the transect in the same area.  There is a river that is in between the “road” and the ocean. The river, and the swamps that extend out of it, form a barrier that cars cannot go through, so low and behold, all the large mammals are hiding out there.  It makes sense, it’s safe from humans, it’s much easier to fish.  Hunting in this area would take more effort then its worth.

Not that we saw any animals, but we saw lots of signs of them.  We could also tell that the buffalo sleep in the savanna in that area so they feel safe.  There were some signs of elephants and red river hogs too.  The plan is to head there early in the morning and wait all day.  Morning and late afternoon are the key times.  The animals are smart enough to get out of the sun during the hot part of the day.

I’ve been feeling great.  I think it’s partly my breakfast of champions: sardines and eggs, and sleeping well since we have been turning off the generator at night, and the end of the project is in sight, and at the same time the work checklist is going great.

The large mammal team goes out early so I have been able to take advantage of nice light from the morning sun.  Plus we have had a lot of blue sky days.  I do have to fight my shadow 1/2 through the day as it wants to get in every photo.   And the right side of my body is tanning more then my left due to the way we walk: always with the sun on the right, so I’ve got a passenger side tan.