To the end of the line


We drove to the the starting point of the road in Loubomo today, and they kept going to the river crossing to Mayumba where the government is building a huge bridge.  It is impressive, the new President is doing a … Continue reading

So many frogs, so little time.


We have a ton of frogs for the studio work today, and I am so exhausted from the night before.  I spent all day photographing the frogs, it’s helpful when there is enough to focus a whole day on the … Continue reading

Day and Night


Tonight was my first night walk with the amphibian team. During the day we set up the transect, checked it for frogs – not many – and then went to the Boume Boume river to get clean water for camp.



We set up another pitfall trap today in a forested part of the savanna which has water in the rainy season, but when we were there, most of it had dried up. There were lots of signs of hippos, which … Continue reading

For Science


Today I felt bad for the frogs, which started a day earlier. The specimens that are collected are going to end up in a museum, in the U.S. and Gabon, which means they have to die. Yesterday, when photographing some … Continue reading

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