Amphibian Collecting


I worked with the amphibian team today while they took out one set of amphibians traps and then set them up in another spot, with the help of the two drivers and sous-chef. It’s a lot of work, so the … Continue reading

Around Camp


There was a beautiful sunrise this morning as a result of the lingering mist that had previously limited our sight to a mere 10 meters. Today I photographed whatever I could within walking distance around camp.  I wanted to shoot … Continue reading

Final Fish Days


Yve and I are going through the live fish photos, identifying the species and putting in the metadata. The pretty fishing spot we had visited from just a week ago is already drying up.  Antoine and Jean Claude caught a … Continue reading

Back to Mouloundo


Back in camp. I am getting a reputation for having a bottomless stomach. The joke is that I’m a great addition, as long as you have the food budget.  I’m like a small mammal: I need to eat constantly otherwise … Continue reading

Fish, fish…and more fish


I have been photographing all of our live and dead fish in the lab.  I mostly love fish.  It’s fun now that I have the hang of it.  Some fish still pose a problem, as they just want to sit … Continue reading

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