Out Fishing

IN_2012-05-21_02822 (1)

Today I continued with the fish work, and spent a little time with the macro invertebrates team since we are all in the same camp now.  It poured rain at one point, which was great because it solved my problem … Continue reading

Back to Mouloundo


A side note: fish are complicated.  I took photos of a few of the same species and they were pretty dull. Now that they’re in a bigger tank with more friends, they all have a pretty stripe on their side. … Continue reading

Fish Time!


The work with the fish team has started with Eve, Antoine, and Jean. They have been here longer then I have, so we have a little backlog of fish to photograph.  We are in the Smithsonian Lab now, they need … Continue reading

Last day of Wasmannia/rain storm


This was the last day of the Wasmannia study.  Alfonso is heading back home and Tobi needed to get ready for the amphibian part of the project, while I needed to do some paperwork in Gamba and start the fish … Continue reading

Wasmannia Day 2/Soleil Go o-way


The second day of wasmannia went well. We went to the far end of the study zone away from Gamba, towards the national road. We stopped at the end of the study area which is a ferry for trucks.  You … Continue reading