I finally figured out the fish.  I solved the flash problems, the black background, reflections… but the fish were still not showing their true beauty.  Finally I realized “Ah ha, turn off the lights!” Now, that’s not really an option … Continue reading

Return of the teams


The teams are back, with fish for me to photograph.  I’m building a back-log of fish, which is good since I can deal with them in Gamba, where it is easier to have a studio set-up. We also had the … Continue reading



I’m getting used to the back and forth from Mouloundo to Gamba.  The truck takes the ferry to get across the Nyanga river, which generally gives some fun photos. We got stuck this time around.  That always leads to the … Continue reading

In the Lab

IN_2012-05-23_03504 (1)

Now I’m really seeing up close what I am bathing with as the team looks as specimens under the microscope.  I think insects are so cool.  As soon as I started buying camera equipment, I got macro tubes.  I’ve never … Continue reading

Back to Gamba


It was nice to wake up this morning to a red sunrise.  I worked more on fish and macro invertebrates in the morning and we headed back to Gamba in the afternoon.  The macro team needs the lab for the … Continue reading