Finally in the field


I made it to the field camp, quite luxurious I must say….  we have an electric fridge and freezer, electric stove…. I spy a coffee maker, and I’m sure there is more hidden. It was a good day with Alfonso … Continue reading

Off to Wasmannia

The first aspect of the study is the wasmannia ant.  It is an invasive ant from South America that made its way all the way to Gabon.  Its bite is particularly annoying and it is very destructive to the native … Continue reading

Arrival in Gamba


After a pleasant one hour plane ride, I’m in Gamba.  Shell Oil runs the flights so the plane was nice and everything was spick and span.  Smithsonian is partnering with Shell for this study so Shell is providing housing and … Continue reading

Jet Lagged and Missing Kristin

After 16 hours on planes and 6 hours in airports, I’ve arrived in Libreville, Gabon.  I have to say the additions to the airport are really nice, I haven’t been back since 2006.  The mad rush after exiting the plane … Continue reading

Return to Gabon

I will be working with the Smithsonian this summer documenting the work of scientists in Gamba, Gabon and the biodiversity of the area.  It is a long project and I will be gone 4 months, living in a tent most … Continue reading