Changing Landscape


I have been out with the large mammal team every day, we have been walking a lot.  We have heard a lot of monkeys, we tried to photograph them in the forest but my one shot was too dark, and … Continue reading

In Camp Working on Species List, Snake Friend


I have been making the current list of species photographed with the teams today. I had not noticed we had such high numbers until I put them all in a list. The fish team was very prolific and they have … Continue reading

Repo and Enter Large Mammal Team


I tried to take a break in the morning after the long night, we were out until 1:30am, which is late for me in the field.  I am usually in bed right after dinner. Hadrien arrived today with the two … Continue reading

Last Days with Amphibians


The amphibian transect went through a lot of savanna and one small patch of forest, so I stayed in the forest. I have plenty of photos of them in the savanna so I looked for scenic shots and frogs. I … Continue reading

Stuck with Frogs…


Today was a busy studio day with a back-up of frogs after the trip the day before.  I learned my lesson with that one, the frogs do not last long, unlike the fish. The amphibian team has had some troubles … Continue reading

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