Editing in Camp/Packing up

7.28.12 to 8.8.12

IN_2012-06-01_05111 IN_2012-08-04_23068

merging aperture libraries, starting metadata list, backing up files

watching habituated monkeys at shell station

harden gave a talk at the shell station about the project and i talked about the photo aspects of the project

cannot wait to see kristin

did not entirely miss my garden – figs!

long process of editing and video editing.  will post a gallery when finished… and figure out about putting videos on the web

Editing and Elephants in Panga



This morning I am continuing to edit through all the photos.  It was another freezing night, if tonight is the same I am going to need to pull out my tights to stay warm, the sleepings bags are not enough.


The day has been another scorcher as the anti-dry season continues, instead of the cloudy cold days we have unbearably hot days with either white sky or blue sky if we are lucky…


Elephant stake out was unsuccessful, its a shot in the dark as they say.  The elephants have many paths to use, and there is no spot where we can survey them all, but a slim chance is better than no chance!




I am spending the day editing photos, afternoons and early night hoping for elephants near Panga.  The small mammal team left today so there were good byes all around, they had a ton of stuff and managed to fit most of it in the back of one of the ford rangers.  My favorite Landcruiser II also left, no more climbing the hills of Panga in a car or ignoring any obstacles.  But on the upside I will be with Allain from now on so there will be more cheer and hilarity.


Editing has not been as depressing as before, I wonder if it is because I am older, and slightly due to the nature of the work.  With the studio work, I really did not give up on the animals until I knew I had it, so for them its just a matter of finding the right shot.  Unlike in the past of going through chimpanzee and gorilla photos and seeing all the things I missed or barely got as I searched for the piles of gold.  With the teams at work, due to the power of 3’s I feel like there are lots of nice shots.  Plus, I spent time with each team, so I had the time to get everyones patterns down and anticipate the good scenes.


Camp out on the Beach


Yesterday, it was sunday so I took the day off with everyone…  Ahhhhh.


I am camping out on the beach tonight with Chris and Steven of the small mammal team.  We are hoping to see some animals, such as the buffalo or elephants, but also the sunrise and sunset will be nice.


I must say that this camp out was one of the best ideas of the trip.  The silence except for the crashing waves was incredibly relaxing.  Camp can be loud so having a night of nature was amazing.  The setting sun gave a nice glow and I took lots of shots of the footprints on the beach, sivet, mongoose, buffalo, elephants, I think all of ones we normally see, minus the hippo, were there.  Plenty of trash too.


The night was freezing, so that actually was a little tough, I had to put on my clothes 1/2 way through the night to be warm enough in my sleeping bag.